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Work Permit Services

We offer comprehensive service package for Working Visa applications and consultancy services on immigration-related affairs in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR). Our professional consultants have the expertise and over a decade’s experience in liaison with Hong Kong Immigration Department, and we are proud of our superb track record of successful applications. At Global Talent, you will be pleased by our proficient and tailor-made services at a modest service charge. For China Work Permit Services, please click the link to know more. 

Working Visa is required for foreign people, who are not HK residents, to work in a Hong Kong registered company. The applicants should have sound educational background and working experience pertinent to the offered position.  In essence, they should possess special skills, knowledge or experience which cannot be found in Hong Kong labor market, and they are deemed not substitutable by local work force.

Service package
  • Evaluate your specific scenario and provide professional advice and tactics to your application
  • Assist in the preparation of and format all necessary documents for submission to Immigration Department
  • Provide consultancy services to employers, employees and their dependents on related affairs
  • Liaise with immigration officers and deal with any ad hoc or unconventional demands for specific cases
  • Follow up application status and update clients regularly
  • Apply for dependent Visa and Visa extension

Processing time
The normal processing time is 4 to 6 weeks

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